Puppy Class - Sherrie:

I first attended Silverthorn Dog Training Club in 2009 and became an instructor of the puppy class in 2013.

I have owned dogs all of my life and have experience in training, breeding and showing dogs.

They have have acheived varying levels in the Kennel Club Good Citizen's scheme going from puppy foundation to bronze, silver and I am now working towards the gold award with one of my dogs.

I am always available after class to answer any questions members may have and give further advice if necessary.


Intermediate and Advanced classes - Janet:

I have been a member of Silverthorn DTC since 2003 and an instructor since 2006.

During my time at the club I have taught all four classes but now concentrate on the intermediate and advanced courses.

I have 6 dogs at present, ranging from one working towards her bronze good citizen to one that has acheived his gold award.

I am a qualified canine first aider and will cover the puppy and beginner classes whenever necessary.


Beginner class - Alan:

I have been attending Silverthorn Dog Training Club since 2011 have been through all four of the classes with my dog as a member.

I am new to the club as an instructor but my many years of training classes and working with my and other dogs in the classes has given me a good knowledge of how to get the best from dogs.

Being firm but fair, clear and concise commands to the dog combined with patience and reward based training works.

The dogs just want clear leadership with love and care thrown in. We aim to help the dog owners to be that leader.

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